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New Year Same Me

It’s that time of year when the “New Year New Me” crew come crawling out the woodwork, harping on about wellness and meditation and ‘smashing those gym goals” making us all feel terrible about the fact that all January really makes us want to do is hibernate with leftover Xmas chocolate, binge watching distinctly average Netflix shows and smothering our cats with unwanted affection.

Well, how about we take a new approach this year? We’re thinking New Year, Same You ‘Cause what was wrong with the old you anyway?

Ok so obviously nobody’s perfect, but rather than going into the new year criticizing yourself and thinking about the things you want to change. How about we make 2023 the year of self love, acceptance and patting ourselves on the back for how far we’ve come?

Let’s celebrate YOU in all your weird, wonderful, unconventional, peculiar, quirky little ways? Time to love yourself just the way you are, and to help with that (because we know it can be hard sometimes) we’ve put together a list of ways that you can practice self love this year. No big drastic changes or impossible goals, just simple and effective ways to say I LOVE ME

  • Date yourself

Wine and dine yourself, take yourself out on a date and spend some quality time with you. It’s time to appreciate your own company and how wonderful it is.

  • Affirmations and congratulations

Ever tried affirmations? These little daily reminders of how wonderful you really are are a great way to start the day, look in the mirror and tell yourself something positive to get the morning off to a positive start? Don’t know where to begin? Here’s just a few of our faves:

  1. I am worthy of good things
  2. I am strong
  3. My life is moving forward perfectly
  4. I am confident in my decisions
  5. I surround myself with loving people
  • Write a letter to younger you 

Sometimes the practice of putting pen to paper can be very therapeutic. Writing a letter to your younger self is a great way to see hoiw far you've come and how much you've achieved. Little you would be very proud. 

  • Set yourself (achievable) goals. 

No we don’t mean six pack abs, becoming CEO or reading a book every other day. If it’s fitness you’re into then forget the aesthetics and aim to be stronger, maybe you can focus on getting your first pull up. If it’s your work life, aim to find a better work/life balance, or push for a little pay rise (you deserve it). Or maybe it’s just to call Mum every week and get your 10k steps in, it doesn’t matter how big or small but get those little wins in and feel proud.

  • Take up a new hobby.

It’s time to take that leap of faith, you know the thing you’ve been contemplating for years and never had the nerve to do? That scary looking pilates class, attempting to make pottery, joining a running club to finally hit the illusive 10k. Let’s make this the year to say F**K IT who cares, push the nerves aside and get stuck in. 

  • Set aside some 'me time'

Never underestimate the importance of alone time. Whether its silence and calm amidst a hectic life for you to just meditate, chill and find some peace. Or if you’re a social butterfly and want to try spending a bit more time with the most important person in your life, YOU! Make me time a priority and do whatever makes you happy.

  • Cook nutritious meals 

Even if its just one night a week, getting a belly full of nutritious food will do you the world of good, And don’t rush the process, there’s something so therapeutic and rewarding about taking your time to cook, following a recipe or experimenting with a glass of wine in hand, then truly enjoying the end result.

  • Try new foods

With that in mind, try new foods. In a restaurant, in the supermarket or on holiday, try something unusual you wouldn’t normally try, treat your tastebuds and expand your food knowledge. 

However you choose to do it, let's make 2023 the year of loving and appreciating yourself just the way you are!