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Talking NYC style with Sami

Sami Fritzinger @samanthafritzinger has been on our radar for a while now. From that paired back street style looks to her effortlessly cool New York City lifestyle: We're obsessed! Hence, we jumped at the chance to pick her brains on all things fashion, food, as well as what's hot and what's not in the big apple right now!

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We wanna know all about you! Would you mind telling us a bit about you; where you are from originally and what you do?

I am originally from Pennsylvania but I have lived in NYC for 4 years now. I am a fashion and lifestyle content creator and my 9-5 is in corporate retail.

Your life in NYC looks fab! What's it like living in one of the most fast paced, glamorous and possibly overwhelming cities in the world? 

Ah, I love it so much!! I love the hustle of the city and I love how everyone is so passionate. It is truly contagious!

Which are your fave areas in NYC and why? 

That’s tough because every neighbourhood has it positives. I love the Lower East Side/ East Village for all of the restaurants and bars and Brooklyn for thrifting. I also have a new found love for the Upper East Side. It’s so beautiful and feels like you’re in a whole different city.

Talk us through an average (or not so average) day in the life of Sami.

On an average weekday I wake up extra early and batch shoot content with a few of my content creator friends. We try to shoot at least 2-3 times a week. Then I go to work for my 9-5. And after work if I’m not going to workout, I'm probably hanging out with my boyfriend or friends! The weekends are always very different though!

Any top tips for someone visiting New York? Good hang out spots, yummy food, where to go shopping, hidden gems etc?

Yes, absolutely! Some of my favorite restaurants include, Sauce (Italian/pizza), Dudleys (Australian) and Nai (tapas). I don’t do a lot of shopping in person these days but I do love to go thrifting. Urban Jungle in Bushwick is my favorite! 

We love your look! How would you describe your personal style?

This one is always hard. I would say classic streetstyle with a little bit of edge. Think oversized blazers, sneakers, cargos. I am also heavy into the accessories lately. They can completely transform your look! It took me a long time to find my personal “brand” but I feel pretty confident in my style now. 


Where do you get your inspiration from and what/who influences the way you dress?

I get my inspo allllll over! For starters, the streets of NYC always inspire me, and I get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers I follow and Pinterest for sure. I also get inspiration from myself lol. That may sound silly but I often go back in my feed to the previous years and see how I can recreate the same looks but make them new and different. I try to push my limits with fashion though and get creative. I love to have fun with it. 

What are your favourite L&J pieces and how have you chosen to style them up?

Oh, definitely the Jade watch in gold. This is such a good piece to dress up every outfit. I also love the Boyfriend watch in mixed gold. This is my everyday watch. I also love the Asta necklace in Silver. I needed a good go-to silver necklace and this one is perfect.

Now lets do a quick NYC themed " This or That"!

Cosy night in or Hit the club? 

Hm..Hit the club

Upper East Side or Brooklyn?

Brooklyn, baby!

Jeans and sneakers or dress and heels? 

Jeans and sneakers for surrrrrre. I do love a good excuse to dress up though!

Ultra modern or vintage vibes? 

Tough one! I would say probably more vintage .

Dirty fries or Green goddess bowl? 

Green goddess bowl! 

Indie girl or Hip hop hun? 

I love both but I lean more hip hop, specifically early 2000’s hip hop.

Gold or Silver? 

I used to be a strictly gold girl, but I have been mixing lately and loving the vibe.

Country air or city life? 

City life forever. <3

An afternoon of vintage shopping or a long lazy brunch? 

How about both? ;) If I had to choose, definitely vintage shopping.

Thanks Sami!

We LOVED learning more about Samis NYC life and impeccable style. If you want to take a leaf out of Samis book you can follow her in insta @samanthafritzinger and shop her fave L&J pieces too.