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Poetry Against Stress - Dealing with Stress Differently

Busy jobs, bad weather, emotional struggle – at some point everyone gets overwhelmed with the level of stress they have to deal with. Manifesting itself in a lot of different ways, stress can, in the worst case, lead to serious physical and psychological problems. And when life suddenly seems unbearable, the only way to get back to your balance, happiness and healthy ways is by learning how to soothe with your stressed-out mind. Meditation, exercise, a cup of tea or a hot relaxing bath have proven to be top stress-killers. However, if you love sugar and prefer to stay in bed rather than going out for that run, here is another method to calm your mind…

Poetry can be a powerful trigger of positive thoughts. Beautiful wording and the playful use of stressed and unstressed syllables are nutrition for the soul. Authors Jonathan Bate, Paul Byrne, Sophia Ratcliffe and Andrew Schuman created the ultimate collection of classic poems against stress with their book ‘Stressed Unstressed’. Featuring poets like Rudyard Kipling and William Blake this must-read hold the perfect selection of poetry from different centuries to handle those unpleasant every-day challenges.

Beside classic poetry, there have been a lot of new modern artists inspiring us with their poetry on Instagram. We listed some more of our favourite contemporary poems that will hopefully feed your mind and soul.