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Singles Day With Ally In NYC

We don’t know about you but Single’s Day is one of our favorite days of the year! Celebrating independence, friendship and doing what you want when you want it? Pretty amazing. With that in mind we caught up with single gal, influencer and all round angel Ally Félise a.k.a. @allyfelise to chat about her love for the big city, single life in NY and a shared love for just being around your besties.

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It must be super fun being single in New York, what are some of your favorite things to do in the city?

Especially in the summer, I love exploring all the parks that the city has to offer. My friends and I love to pack picnics and sit in the park, or get some exercise and Citibike the West Side Highway or play tennis on the Hudson River Park courts. 

What are the best and worst things about being a single girl in NYC?

The best thing about being single in NYC in my opinion is that there is so much to do on my own or with friends! I rarely ever find myself sitting at home with nothing to do, because there are always new coffee shops to try, Broadway shows to see and neighborhoods to explore. My time of singleness has taught me how to be independent and that I am capable of a lot more than I think. I would say that the only bad thing about not having a boyfriend is that there are so many cute date spots, and it’s be fun to go to all of them! 

Ok, so we all know dating is a bit of a minefield. But what about mate dates, have you found it difficult making new friends in New York?

It is a common conception that New Yorkers are rude and don’t care about anyone but themselves. I believe that everyone is always looking for meaningful friendships, even if they put up a front that says they like to be on their own. At some point, everyone will feel lonely living in such a big and sometimes isolating city. I am thankful to have a lot of my friends from college in the city with me, and I have learned to put myself out there and make the first move to make a new friend—someone has to do it! Anytime I meet someone new whether it’s at church, work or a networking event, I have tried to be intentional by not just saying “nice to meet you” but rather exchanging numbers or Instagrams, ask to meet up for coffee or happy hour and actually through with it. 

Clichéd ‘single girl in NYC’ comparisons incoming….Sex and the City or Friends?

Friends! My roommate and I always find ourselves having 'Friends' on in the background.

Great choice, we agree, but how realistic is Friends? And if you were a character from the show who would it be and why?

Although most shows based in NYC set very unrealistic standards about life in the city (especially when you see the size of their apartments), 'Friends' is one that I find myself relating to a lot. Although none of my friends are right across the hall in my apartment building, I have so many friends who I consider neighbors on the Upper West Side! We all like to meet up at coffee shops, go do laundry at the laundromat and throw a football in the park. I’ve even had my own “pivot” episode in real life while trying to carry a mattress up the narrow stairs when moving into my apartment—it’s not as funny in real life!

What are the most important things that your female friendships have taught you?

That showing up for people doesn’t go unnoticed, and the importance of encouragement. In a city where everyone is very competitive and can seem to be cut-throat, I think that it is so important to support each other when someone gets a new job or into a new relationship even when it is hard and you might even be jealous of the thing that they have. 

Let’s talk ‘Girl Dinner’! What's your guilty pleasure when it comes to a meal for one?

Although I always have intentions to cook, it doesn’t always happen. So if I’m going for a ‘guilty pleasure’ meal, I love Thai food. If you’ve never tried chicken pad Thai, you must! 

Talk us through your perfect self-care day! How do you spoil yourself and enjoy time alone?

If I had a day alone, I would definitely spend it in Central Park, or in The Met  Whether. I need to clear my head and have a break from hearing sirens and honking horns and stroll through a gallery, or call my mom while I go for a run. I find so much peace doing these things.

Fun fact: I also studied art history in college, so I have an even deeper appreciation for all things ancient and European art, and I can’t believe some days that I can go see some of the greatest works of art for free anytime I want!

As someone new to the city, do you have any recommendations? Bars, restaurants, best places to shop? Hit us with it all…

One of me and my friends favorite places to go for happy hour is Dante West Village! They have $10 martinis from 3-5pm🤫. For breakfast, my favorite meal of the day, I love Maman, Bubby’s, Friedmans, The Butcher’s Daughter, Ol’Days and Pardon my French—just to name a few!

Fashion wise, how would you describe your aesthetic?

I went to school in the city that required us to wear business casual, which has definitely shaped my style over the past few years. When I’m not going to work in the office, I still find myself throwing on a button down and blazer, paired with jeans and some loafers.

What’s your go-to L&J piece and how do you style it?

The Boyfriend Mini Elevate watch in gold is what I wear every day! I love that it instantly elevates my outfit and creates a sleek and professional look whether I’m at work or even having a girls night in.


Girls holiday - Wild weekend away or wholesome spa retreat?

Spa retreat!

Mid-week day off - Vintage shopping or gallery stroll?

Gallery stroll 100%.

Getting active - Central park run or yoga class?

Central Park is where I’ll be! 

Girls night in - Cook up a storm or takeaway and chill?

During the work week, I don’t have much time to try new recipes, so I’ll stay in and cook. 

Girl dinner - Italian or Japanese?

Italian, if I can find good GF pasta!