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Talking Parisian Style with Maddy Soler

Maddy @maddysoler is the Parisienne-chic muse in persona! Nobody would think she actually resides in Portland, Oregon looking at her minimal style and très French taste. We checked in with the Marketing Manager on how to create the perfect Parisian look. 

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Maddy, tell us a bit about you; where are you from originally and what do you do?

I was born in Irvine, California, but mostly grew up in Portland, Oregon. I still consider myself a California girl though! I am currently a Marketing Manager, specializing in social media.

Parisian style is clearly your forté! Where did this passion come from?

I’ve always loved fashion and exploring new concepts and ideas. I think what I resonate with most is the lifestyle aspect. I found myself being drawn to that Parisian lifestyle and the fashion followed. 

Portland isn’t typically French so who/what do you draw influences from?

Growing up I was very fortunate to travel quite a bit with my family. My mom actually worked in the UK and France for some time, so I grew up with that style. It is such a contrast from the style in the US, so I found it really fascinating. I brought that Parisian influence back with me to Portland and it’s been interesting comparing the formality of dressing up here. 

Who are your Parisian style icons?

Bridget Bardot is the first to come to mind. She is the definition of elegant and sophisticated. Then of course Coco Chanel, an icon of icons

What is it about Parisian style that you love?

I love how simple it can be. For the most part I think all it takes is a capsule wardrobe and a few unique touches to make anything Parisian. I also love a red lip, it makes anything chic!

What are your top tips for nailing the minimal Parisian style aesthetic?

Grab a good pair of loafers, a red lipstick and stick to tailored items that fit. Think less is more!

What is life in Portland like? Tell us a bit about the city and your fave go-to areas?

We are a big foodie city! We have many amazing restaurants and chic cocktail bars. Not to mention. The waterfront, the Willamette river is my backyard so it’s beautiful! I love dining at Janken, then grabbing a cheeky cocktail at Teardrop, it’s my perfect Friday night! 

Talk us through a day in the life of Maddy!

In the morning I typically grab a croissant and coffee to start off my day. When I’m not working, I love going to farmers markets bright and early, grabbing fresh produce and treats! I typically go to Barista Coffee to either work or read, then I head to Kure to grab a smoothie or juice. Around 5:00pm I love to go to the gym or get in a workout like yoga or Pilates. Ending my night with dinner at a new restaurant or cooking at home and watching a movie! 

What are your favorite L&J pieces and how have you chosen to style them up?

I love the Jade mixed gold 36mm! Tt’s such a classic everyday piece that you can dress up or down, which is in true parisian style. I paired the piece with a sheer polka-dot maxi dress, an oversized tan blazer, Chanel slingbacks, a Celine bag - and a croissant! 

Now let’s do a little Parisian style "This or That" 

Vintage garments or designer pieces?

Classic designer pieces. 

Jane Birkin or Jeanne Damas?

Jane Birkin.

Classic and chic or updated and edgy?

Classic and chic!

Berets or bows?

Both! I can’t decide! 

Breton stripes or Blazers?


Ballet pumps or Boots?

Ballet Pumps.

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