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How Did L&J Come To Be?

The Story Of A Face

Last week we caught up with our founder and CEO Andrew Jennings on how Larsson & Jennings got started; in 2012 he saw a gap in the market for a luxury watch at an affordable price point. After six years of success in September this year we relaunched our classics, today on the Studio, get to know the faces from our most signature collection, LJXII.  

LJXII represents the balance of modern and classic; two opposing identities that come together in equality in our new brand range. Using iconic roman numerals to represent the twelve dials on a watch face we seek to portray this balance and have it become a new signature for our bold yet timeless styles. Founded between the ideologies of Stockholm and London, LJXII marries the dual sensibilities so forged in our brand identity.

The collection takes shape in various guises that features our classic aesthetic including textures, straps and faces; from Italian leather straps to intricate Milanese detailing and beyond.

LJXII Lugano

Our original timepiece, the simple rounded face of the Lugano is synonymous with Larsson & Jennings. When starting a watch brand, Andrew was inspired by the rich history so entrenched in Switzerland so when it came to the first timepiece he looked to the mountain surrounded southern Swiss city for inspiration, which is where our classic design was born. Original and iconic, the LJXII Lugano fuses together all the traditional aspects of an English dress watch with contemporary Swedish design. The clean and bold dial gives with the watch a distinct and contemporary feel whilst the Roman numbers add a subtle nod to its British heritage and Andrew’s roots; a classic reimagined. The slim features of the Lugano is an ode to the dress watch with it’s signature slight width, always able to be tucked into a cuff where necessary.



Elevating our offering with the LJXII Norse in 2016, this LJXII shape fuses Scandinavian and British elements that are intrinsic to our values whilst recognising the need to expand and become a bit more experimental. The Lugano shape was a clear message for Larsson & Jennings as a brand so it was important the move away was in-keeping with the signature aesthetic, as well as slim design. The Norse is a refreshed take on the renowned circular design, reimagining classic angular watches with modern finishes and details. Square watches have a rich horological history and it became the logical step to move the brand forward.



The launch of Jura in 2017 as a part of the 5th anniversary celebration and its ethos ‘Reflect to Evolve’ sees British sensibility with a new twist. The Jura has all the charm of a timeless dress watch, with added functionality and a pop of colour. With subtle updates including small seconds and a sand-blasted dial, this watch is the evolved of the original LJXII collection.