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Travel In Style: How To Pack The Perfect Suitcase

The weeks have passed faster than you initially thought and now it's finally here: Your holiday! And with it comes the sometimes beautiful, sometimes extremely ugly act of packing your suitcase.

Wow, let's be honest: Most of the time this either means that we are stressing out because we need to take EVERYTHING with us as we might not survive this holiday in case something like our third favourite bikini accidentally stays forgotten at home; OR we are super relaxed and just throw the necessary things in our backpack on the evening before departure - and then might actually not have packed enough.

Whatever category you would rather see yourself in: We have put together some L&J 'packing' inspiration intending to remind you of the important - and maybe some other pretty cool things - to pack this year!

Traveling to NYC or LA this year? @fadsandmilkshakes knows what to pack: Our classic LJXII Lugano 40mm in black/silver, Dior lipgloss and Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. Time to plug in your headphones and board the plane. No stress.

How about a customisable note book where you can put down everything related to your journey, what you've learned and how you'd like this new gained input to shape your future life? Inspiration by @sophjames_ wearing our LJXII Lugano 33mm gold.

Ok, who is in for a real photographer's vacation a la @veeceecheng? Equipment? Check. Inspiration Magazine? Check. Comfortable trainers? Check. Notebook? Check. Having a coffee before it all starts? Check. All that's missing is our Meridian, your perfect travel companion with luminous hands and markers. 

Have you planned to spend your vacation in a secluded beach house? All you'll need then are your favourite undies, a good book and our LJXII Norse 34mm gold - here perfectly presented by @paileaa

Skin and lip care can't be missing on your trip! Make it fit and combine your Aesop products with our LJXII Lugano 40mm black like @playjackthesky!