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Yaminah Mayo On Style & Star Signs

We’ve been crushing on Yaminah Mayo aka  Spicy Mayo since she first started her blog documenting her likes, dislikes, and progression as a writer in 2015. We were so thrilled about getting the chance to catch up with her and get all the (spicy) sauce on her style, career path and how her zodiac sign ties into her work.

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Yaminah, we’re all big fans of your blog and love what you do! So first things first, could you tell us where you got your name from, is there a story behind it or are you just a big fan of condiments?

Haha thanks, that’s funny as I don’t really get asked about that often. It’s sort of a bit of both. It comes from when I was in my early twenties working at the Opening Ceremony store in Soho NY. They were pretty long, tiring days, quite often dealing with some awkward customers. So after work we’d all go to this burger joint on the lower east side to debrief and wind down. They made these AMAZING cheese fries and I would literally drown them in their house made spicy mayo. After a while the staff noticed and started calling me that, and I guess it stuck. 

What is it you do and tell us a little bit about your career journey and how you got to where you are now.

I’m a Content Creator, Writer, sometimes Model and I also have a newsletter. It’s been a relatively long road to get where I am now. My end goal was always to work in publishing but I did NOT want to go through the hazing process. The labyrinth of office politics I knew existed really did not appeal to me so I decided to try and carve my own path. 

I started a blog as I felt like there was no one who looked like me doing the same thing and I wanted to sort of put myself out there. I didn’t feel like my look and style was being represented and I guess eventually I started to get noticed. Refinery 29 cast me in their calendar and it all went from there. 

What’s been your biggest achievement to date?

That’s a hard one, I feel like I strive for things then don’t really notice when they finally come to fruition ‘cause I've moved onto something else. I find it hard to turn my brain off so I’m always looking for that next story, my next big opportunity. 

I’m working on something at the moment that I’m really excited about and super proud of but it’s top secret so you’ll have to wait and see on that one. My first campaign for GAP was a big pinch me moment as they’re a San Francisco brand, and that’s where I’m from so it felt kind of surreal to see myself representing them. Also, my first byline, I’d been plucking away, sending pitch after pitch so to see it pay off and to get that recognition was a proud moment.

Describe yourself in five words.

Genuine, kind, nurturing, tenacious, and fun.

How would you describe your style and how did you find it?

I worked at thrift stores for years and I think that helped me find my style massively, all my best outfits are thrifted. Even after I stopped working in them I would set aside one day a month and dedicate it to thrift shopping. You have to be patient and be prepared to trawl through rack after rack but I’ve found some amazing pieces by doing so. 

I guess my style would be best described as an eclectic mix of New England wasp, Brooklyn raver and old man. But it’s always tied together by collegiate style from my years in Boston. It's a big college town so you’ll see a nod to Americana classics in most of my outfits.

How do you style your L&J pieces?

I’m a maximalist, so I'd normally layer it up with some other pieces on a casual day, maybe nice raw denim, a cosy t-shirt and my go-to loafers. Or for a more dressed up look I think a nice long dress with a low neckline and let the piece speak for itself.

Do you follow astrology? Are you aware of your star sign and its traits and do you think they apply to you and your work?

I don’t really have time to check in on them all the time but I certainly am aware of my star sign and how it relates to me. 

I’m a Cancer Sun, a lot of whom are naturally nurturing people, a homebody and at times can be moody - check! A Libra Rising which means you’re invested in the beauty of things and can equate to being a bit shallow. 

I (obv) prefer to go with the first interpretation but I guess this relates to my job in a way. I am very much invested in the beauty of things. Appearance and aesthetics all tie into working in fashion, styling etc. 

And a Sagittarius Moon, meaning fiery, feisty and to the point, I think I’m all these things and it definitely helps in my line of work, being assertive, strong minded and ready to tackle things head on.

If all the stars aligned for Yaminah, what would that look like?

It really wouldn’t be anything too extravagant to be honest. I’d like to own my own apartment in Harlem (second floor or higher). Oh and walking distance to a Trader Joes or Whole Foods (it’s the simple things y'know?). I’d have a comedic fashion column with a reputable publisher, be writing or have written a mystery novel (think The Bullet That Missed, that kinda vibe) I’d be happy and comfortable and all my time would be my own, meaning I could dictate how I work and when, kind of how it is now but on a bigger scale. Oh, AND I’d have a huge closet, two rooms knocked into one!