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ZODIAC Necklaces. ✨ What's your sign?

The New Year is upon us, and with it a wealth of opportunities. The chance to meet new people, expand our horizons and grow as a person. We looked to the stars for some guidance on what 2023 has in store. So read on for a quick tip or a deeper dive into your sign.


YOUR ADVICE FOR 2023 - With a year of abundant opportunities ahead, prepare to be brave, relinquish some control and take risks.


TAURUS - Cleanse your life this year Taurus, and focus on the people who truly improve it. There’s no time for bad friends or colleagues in 2023, don’t be afraid to prioritise yourself, set boundaries, slim down your crew and reap the benefits.

VIRGO - Ok Virgo’s take a deep breath, this year’s going to be a challenging one. Whilst that doesn’t mean bad, it will cultivate change and personal growth as you navigate the obstacles you’re faced with. Your powerful energy makes you the ideal candidate to take these challenges and use them in your favour.

CAPRICORN  Hey ice queen, it’s time to thaw out, let down those walls and let others in. Love, friendship and opportunities are coming your way in abundance but the naturally cool and calm Capricorn will need to practice warmth and acceptance in order to make the most of these.


YOUR ADVICE FOR 2023 - Have faith and trust the universe. This year will involve a shift in focus that could leave you feeling uncomfortable but it’s all part of the process.


GEMINI - You’re heading into 2023 with all guns blazing so prepare to spend considerable time in the limelight. It won’t always be easy so brace yourself for both wanted and unwanted attention and look forward to the rewards that will come mid year.

LIBRA -  Your usually balanced demeanor may be interrupted in the first half of 2023. Prepare to be rattled by both romantic and platonic relationships and use your ability to always strive for and achieve equilibrium to remedy these situations. Leaving you feeling tranquil and flying high as the year goes on.

AQUARIUS -  It’s the year to GO GET ‘EM for Aquarians. Your eccentricity has somewhat switched out for drive and ambition as Pluto enters your sign in the first quarter. Utilize this to focus on your goals, but don’t forget your humble and caring soul on the way to the top.


YOUR ADVICE FOR 2023 - Deeper connections will come this year if you let them so consider your previous patterns and be open to new ones. 


ARIES - 2023 is a year of opportunity and standing out from the crowd for the bold and ambitious Aries. Expect some major life events coinciding with the eclipse in April and don’t shy away from the limelight this year, it’s your time to shine.

LEO - Finding the right partner or a deeper connection are the priority for fiery Leo this year, it looks like 2023 may be your year to commit. But whilst you commit to love, hold back on the spending, these first few months are a time to be frugal. 

SAGITTARIUS - Reflection is the aim of the game this year for the adventurous Sagitarius. Apply some of that boundless energy on looking back rather than chasing the sun, reminiscing on past relationships, friendships and experiences will teach you lessons that can help you move forward positively in 2023. If in doubt, March is your most meaningful month.


YOUR ADVICE FOR 2023 - A year of ups and downs is ahead, utilise these and embrace the emotions that come with it. Try journaling and meditation as a helpful tool.


CANCER - Your year is going to be bookmarked with some relationship turbulence, so brace yourself and prepare for discussion, diplomacy and deep conversation. But while you may face some tests, you will benefit from this chance to consider your connections both platonic and romantic. 

SCORPIO - Whilst we all know that you strive when shrouded in mystery and yearn for an element of secrecy in your life, this year it’s time to let that side go and reach for something more transparent, balanced and maybe even - just a little more - serious. Apply this to both your work and love lives and you'll be surprised by what’s to come.^

PISCES - Forever the dreamer, head in the clouds….2023 will be no different. This year is one to make sure you stand by these traits, don’t be afraid to express yourself in all your fantastical ways. Feel hard, love stronger and live fuller.