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Slow Moments With Eli Appel

Germany-based Eli Appel is the creative brain behind Doctors Fashion Diary, a personal blog talking everything in latest fashion, traveling and DIY projects. And as the name suggests this power woman is not only a fashionista, but also a full-time doctor! During her latest trip to beautiful Dubrovnic, Croatia, Eli has captured her favourite slow moment wearing our Norse 34mm in gold. Read more about the busy doc's blogger lifestyle and travel plans in our exclusive interview below and check out her Instagram page for more styling inspiration here.

Tell us about your work as a fashion blogger!

I started blogging in 2016 when I was a med student. Blogging has been an opportunity to break out of my daily routine which back then consisted of studying (a lot), doing tons of tests and being confronted with hard fates everyday (no worries, I really liked studying medicine, despite all the work). Blogging is an important part of my life and one way to express myself and be creative.

How would you describe your personal style?

I like casual outfits with a special twist. I try to create inspiration for people like you and me which is why my outfits are never too extravagant but not too boring either.

Where do you get to travel as a blogger?

Since I am blogging as a hobby and have a full-time job, my travel time is limited. Once, I have a few free days or weeks, I am usually trying to use the time to hit the road. I especially love to take short trips whenever I have a free weekend which is quite rare for me being a Doctor.

I have to admit that travelling as a blogger differs to travelling when you are not blogging. Wherever I go, I check out potential photo spots beforehand and of course, I love to take photos of great places during my travels. Later, I share them on my blog or Instagram to inspire my followers.

What is the most inspiring place you've travelled to?

I really loved the Amalfi coast in Italy. It is such an impressing place with lots of great things to see. I am sure that everyone who has been there, would agree. I travelled there in 2017 and I have been in love with the 50-kilometer stretch of coastline ever since.

I have to mention, that I just finished my studies and had a full summer without any obligations. That might have had a positive influence on this trip, but it was amazing anyways - and I really love Italian food. I would always recommend this beautiful and unique place to friends and followers.

What role does your watch play in your busy lifestyle?

As mentioned before I am combining both, a full-time job and life as a blogger. For managing deadlines and everyday life a look on my watch is indispensable for me.

How do you unplug and create those #slowmoments in your life?

To really relax I love to put away my phone, not checking any emails and not following up on how many likes or reads a photo or blogpost gets. I really love spending time with my boyfriend, family or my friends. When I sit on a table with one of my favourite person having a good conversation (and maybe a glass of wine) I can forget everything around me.

What do you like most about the Larsson & Jennings brand and watch designs?

I love the twist between the classy and trendy design of Larsson & Jennings watches. This mixture is exactly what I try to create in my outfits. Additionally, the quality of Larsson & Jennings has always convinced me.

What are your future travel plans?

I will be travelling to Den Haag during the weekend in a few days. I am really looking forward to this trip. In the longterm, I haven’t made final plans but my boyfriend and I are planning on doing a journey in November or December this year. We are still not sure if it’s gonna be Marrakesh or Jordan.


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