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WAVE - Not A Hybrid. A Companion.

Ever since digital hybrids entered the market a couple years ago, we have probably all come to realise that the normal non-tech savvy watch as we know and love it - sooner or later - will have to make room for the next gen of timepieces. 

Having just launched on Kickstarter where we reached our target fund within the first two hours - yes, still can't believe it - we are more than excited to see our latest project finally coming to life: Intending to break today's boundaries and fill the gap between classic design and advanced technology we are proudly announcing to you the WAVE, Larsson & Jennings' first and never seen before smartwatch - that absolutely doesn't look like one.

Staying true to our core values and beliefs, we wanted to create something that still "ticks" and looks stunning for any occasion besides featuring latest technology. The result allows you to stay fully connected and disconnected at the same time.

How WAVE helps you doing this? Well, without you having to use any screens, WAVE will automatically take care of the important things for you like tracking your sleep patterns, heart rate and steps. Control your music remotely without having to use your phone and even take a picture with a simple klick on your WAVE's button. E-mails, calls, messages - WAVE will let you know what's happening - or not, if you don't wish to be disturbed.

The only screen activity you will come across, is setting up and personalising your WAVE in our bespoke app. However, we promise you that this is actually a fun rather than a stressful part.

But the most exciting technology we have introduced with WAVE to not only the L&J world, but the entire watch industry is our built-in concierge service. Wait, what? Yes, that's right: Press the button on you watch and personal lifestyle assistant will book your holiday, book a cab for you or do literally anything else you don't have time for, so that at the end, you will have more time for the things that actually matter - things and time that are the most precious and priceless goods.

Apart from all the new tech elements we still wanted WAVE to look like us and not like a hybrid which resulted in a watch that is made of stainless steel and crystal sapphire glass coming in classic colour ways like gold, black and silver. One thing is certain: Luxury and time have never looked so intelligent and classy together. 

Want to know more and help backing us up? Check our Kickstarter campaign here

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