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#itsljtime With Sisilia Piring

Between year-long US road trips, a huge talent for everything creative, and a pure love for vintage pieces and greenery, you can find Sisilia Piring @sisiliapiring. The New Mexico & LA-based Photographer and Content Creator lives and breathes her talents. Whenever she is not busy on a family road trip with her husband and two lovely kids, Sisilia sells her own Lightroom presets, creates content for major brands or works as a mentor for anyone who aspires to become a photographer themselves. 

Introducing our brand new campaign, #itsljtime, we have teamed up with Sisilia for an exclusive interview where she told us everything about the times she spends doing what she is most passionate about. Check out her favourite L&J pieces here.

Who is Sisilia Piring? Tell us about yourself!

Hey! My name is Sisilia Piring. I was born in Indonesia but moved to Los Angeles as a kid. I’ve always been surrounded by fashion and creativity thanks to my mom working in the fashion industry so it was a natural transition for me when I picked up fashion photography. Growing up I wanted to do everything, but growing up I was told that you had to choose just one thing and basically that one thing only for the rest of your life. Thankfully, the world looks a little different now and I’ve been able to explore other creative ways to express myself. I started a vintage shop in 2017. Then came the unexpected death of a loved one in 2018 which changed everything for me personally. That was when I decided I wanted to pursue my life long dream of traveling the country. We sold almost everything we had. Sold one of our cars and bought a vintage camper and started planning for the year of travel.

What has been your favorite part about doing a road trip for one year with your family?

I loved just about everything about this year long road trip with my family. Of course, there were not so smooth moments when you’re traveling for that long in a vintage camper and traveling to places you know nothing about, but so many core memories were made. We loved that we got to visit friends and family all over the country that we haven’t seen in a while because of distance. 

My kids are homeschooled and we got to visit historical places in person, not just learn about them in books. All of our birthdays were spent in the most random, but special places. While we had a general plan of where we will be state wise, we left everything else to chance because that’s the best part of traveling and exploring. We met so many wonderful and kind people on our trip who invited us over for dinner in their homes and shared stories and wisdom on life. I loved that! Meeting people was personally my favorite part. I love connecting and listening to stories, so I truly enjoyed getting to know the people we’d meet and hearing their life stories.

#itsljtime for me, when… 

I’m spending uninterrupted time with my kids. When I'm out in nature and surrounded by greenery. When I’m on set or working on a project that I’m passionate about. When I’m cooking my favorite meal and the music is just right. When I’m on a long road trip and the hum of the road inspires new ideas and emotions. 

Where is home for you?

Home will forever be Los Angeles for me. I grew up there and my experiences growing up in LA formed me as a person. I’ll forever cherish my time spent there. However, home right now is New Mexico and wherever we move to next. I think because I grew up in LA and know that I can always come home and settle there, I’m always seeking new places and experiences in different cities and states. After we took our year-long road trip across the country, we settled in Joshua Tree for a couple of years. I was always intrigued by New Mexico from the handful of times we’ve traveled here so we moved here almost on a whim because we found the cutest home from the 1800s and have called it home since October of 2021. My husband and I have been talking about exploring a different part of the country next, and who knows we may be out on the East Coast next.

What do you love about your L&J pieces and how do you style them?

I love the minimal design, because I can style them up or down. This time around I styled them with a pink suit. I love that my L&J pieces can be dressed up or down depending on my mood. They look good with just about everything!