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Minimal Beach Inspo With Taylor Nicole Hayden

Heat waves have been intense this week, so we thought we’d give you that dose of Southern California ocean inspo you need today!  Taylor Nicole Hayden @taylornicolehayden is a true multi talent who balances her life around modeling, photography, and film. With her beachy Instagram aesthetic, bubbly personality and happy mind, she has become our favorite new summer inspiration!

We had a chat with Taylor talking about her life behind and in front of the camera, her love for the ocean, and for tackling new challenges. PS: She might have even revealed a little secret to us about expecting a new family member…

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Tell us your story! Who is Taylor Hayden?

This is a loaded question as I feel like I don't even know where to start. I am a lot of things and I wear many hats! I am first and foremost a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a soon to be mother! I love my family / friends and pour a lot of my time into my relationships. I am an entrepreneur, a business owner, a photographer, a model, and so many other things. I've always loved the idea of doing multiple things as I get bored easily and have SO many interests. I have learned in my adult life it's so much fun to dabble and pursue new things! It keeps things interesting and provides multiple streams of income for me and my family. I love all things fashion and the creative space as a whole. My love for modeling and photography started at an early age. I always wanted to run my own show and be myself in this industry. I am now a full time content creator for brands! My husband and I travel and create content! I also started my own brand / website in which I plan to continue to grow in the coming months. I guess you could say I am either crazy or just in love with the idea of learning anything and everything and giving it all I got. 

What are the perks of being in front of, and behind the camera? What do you love most about bringing both roles together?

I love being on both sides. I don't think I could choose one. I love modeling with the experience as a photographer because I can see the vision for the photo. I know how to move, pose, and do whatever I can to get the shot. In the same way I feel that I have an advantage as a photographer because I know what and how the models are feeling. I know how to creative direct them in a way that will make the subject comfortable while also fulfilling the vision of the shot. It's really amazing to have the opportunity to do both. 

#itsljtime for you, when…

It’s morning! I love mornings so much. I usually spend them early sitting in the quiet of my home. A candle lit, my journal & bible open, and asking the Lord to guide my day. 

What role does the ocean play in your life?

A massive role. The ocean has always been my safe place. It's where I go when I am sad, when I am angry. When I am happy. It's so constant and the salt water is so refreshing. 

Any wise words that brought you where you are today?

Yes. Be Yourself. Always. No matter what. You are the only you and nobody else can be you. Just be yourself.