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Summer In Stockholm With Alexandra Stenring

Stockholm-based Alexandra Stenring @alexandrastenring is a true multi-talent! Having experience from fashion design to content creation and working with antiquities, the Swedish fashionista grabs on everything that comes her way. Read more below about her go-to places in Stockholm, life motto, and fashion inspiration.

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Who is Alexandra? We want to know your story!

When it comes down to it, I’m just a girl trying to figure out what she wants to do in life. I love exploring new opportunities and learning from them. Right now I work as a content creator for social media but I started out as a fashion designer in Japan, then moved on to work with antiquities back in Sweden.. and then moved on to social media. To be honest, I had no idea I would end up doing Instagram for a living, but I quite enjoy it!

Your favourite quote to live by?

I’m not sure if this is a quote but sometimes when I feel anxious to do something or if I had an argument with a family member or something like that I always say to myself that “life is too short to..”, and then insert whatever it is I need to fix. Life is too short to not try new things. Life is too short to be angry with a loved one. I even use it when it comes to food: Life is too short to not eat all the chocolates you want, haha!

Tell us about your go-to places in Stockholm!

I love nature so when I take a break from work or just feel like I need to go somewhere I usually end up at Djurgården, a big area of nature located not so far from the center of Stockholm. The scenery is so pretty, and it feels so luxurious to be able to go for a walk in a forest with a walking distance to the city center. If you’re going there, make sure to take the route along Strandvägen, it is the prettiest street in Stockholm and I love to stop by one of the many cafés or restaurants on my way back.

Your most-loved outfit for a Swedish Summer?

I love to wear a summer dress, crop top or short blouse with a slightly high waisted skirt.  Even in summer Sweden tends to turn a bit cold in the evenings so I would always bring an oversized blazer or men's style shirt for the evening if I end up staying long.

How does your watch fit in there?

A watch is such a perfect element to add a little bit of edge to any look. I have the Mini Boyfriend watch in mixed gold which makes it so versatile, it goes with literally any outfit.