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Positive Vibes & Thrift Adventures With Melines

Some of you might know her from Big Brother Canada's 10th season, others might know her from Instagram: Melina Mansing a.k.a. @justmelines is a true dancer at heart, she loves to laugh, always keeping it honest and authentic - and without any doubt she might just be the best thrifting queen in whole Canada!

Check out our interview with Toronto-based Melines below and discover her favorite L&J picks here.

Who is Melines? Tell us your story!

Who am I! What a good question, I think I'm still trying to figure that out. Currently, just a gal living in Toronto, ON and trying to find her way to what makes her happiest!

What’s your secret to any successful thrifting adventure?

Check every single aisle, bin or basket that is available.

What was the funniest, the scariest and the greatest part about being part of Big Brother CA?

The whole experience was terrifying, there wasn't much laughter to be honest hahah definitely lots of crying. But I'm super thrilled to have had that experience and be a part of the small number who have been on the show.

#itsljtime for your when…

#itsljtime for literally anything! I love to have the watch on me when I'm out and about, going for brunch, chilling at home or catching up on emails to make sure I take a break every hour!

What’s your favorite transeasonal look to style up your L&J pieces?

Definitely a pair of converse, some baggy beige pants, a white tee with a possible print on it, gold earrings, my Norse Leather Gold White 34mm watch and silver Nyx ring!