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Love & Summer Reads With Ava Black

Influencer and YouTube Blogger Ava Black @avablack might just be your favourite new trendsetter! The UK-based muse has a huge obsession for tattoos, good books, killer looks and of course her fiancé, Michael. We had a little chat with the fashionista talking about her favourite summer reads, love and everything #itsljtime.

Check out Ava's L&J picks here.

​​Who is Ava Black? Describe yourself in 4 words!

Ohh, this is a hard one! I would say, driven, loving, sensitive and open-minded!

Best summer reads? Name your all-time favourites.

Oh my god!! This is my favourite question to be asked EVER!!! Right now, I’m obsessed with anything by Colleen Hover. My favourites are “Ugly Love”, “Slammed” and “Hopeless”. I actually have a book review highlight on my page. In any spare moment I have these days I’m reading!

We are so excited about your engagement! Congratulations on behalf of the entire L&J Team! As a Bride-To-Be: What would you say is the most amazing, and the scariest part about falling in love?

Aww thank you! I’m honestly so excited! The most amazing part is definitely getting to share the rest of your life with someone. With my partner Michael. There’s no one else I’d rather spend time with, tell my secrets to or read with. The scariest part of it all, honestly, is that I feel like I’m not scared at all. To love someone so much is scary, but there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s the one for me.

#itsljtime for me when…

I am planning! Honestly it sounds ridiculous but I’m such a meticulous planner. Writing lists on planning content, styling outfits or just even the shopping list, you’ll always see me laptop in hand and watch on my wrist.

What’s your favourite way of styling your L&J pieces?

Every way. I absolutely love statement jewellery that when you add it all together it creates chunky, bold looks. But not only that, if you fancy something a bit more subtle you can wear it like that, too. Just a gold chain on its own can be such a beautiful look, with a watch and staple ear stack - especially in summer! I always love jewellery styled with classic looks, tailoring and an LBD with my L&J pieces will always be the one for me.