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Travelling The Amalfi Coast With Anna Pihan

Australian travel, architecture, fashion and still life photographer Anna Pihan @annapihan is our go-to creative for dreamy post cards and an aesthetic that covers the most beautiful places from the Amalfi coast to Brisbane, AUS.

Explore Anna's favourite L&J travel companions here and check out her film photography from her Amalfi coast trip below.

"Being somewhere else ignites my senses, pushing me out of my comfort zone to learn a new language and discover a different world of culture, architecture and way of life. Observing and capturing moments with my film cameras to enjoy for many years to come."


"On the island of Ischia in the gulf of Naples, time stops and there’s an appreciation for leisure and enjoying life. Long days in the sun, pistachio gelato, endless swims in theTyrrhenian Sea or thermal pool days, cake for breakfast and spaghetti for lunch."